Shoe Clips

DIY dancing shoes? Read on...


I haven't seen shoe clips since the eighties! Bit naff you say? I'd have agreed until I saw these babies in Aldo. I'm not looking for new shoes; as you know I've lost my appetite for fast fashion and I'm trying to consume less clothing (but a girl can always window shop!)

I found these unexpectedly in Aldo Dundrum and at €18 (Made in China) they're an inexpensive shot of sparkle. Ideal for sprucing up any plain shoe like these black suede Carvela sling-backs, which I mostly wear to work but which can now double as dancing shoes!

Yes the shoe clips were an impulse purchase but they've basically doubled my shoe count meaning I'll need to buy less in the future (and they're so pretty!) Win. 


Aren't they deceptively expensive looking?!  

Let me know if you pick them up. I'd love to see pictures of your revamped shoes!