Everything's coming up Rose

** UPDATE: The KarJenners sacked her and apparently Khloe K is considering suing her...what happened here?! **


Cropped. Neutral. Clingy, 90s Style. Chokers. Long line coats in suede and leather. 

Pic credit MonicaRose.com

Pic credit MonicaRose.com

You may not know her name but you know her style and it's probably already crept into your wardrobe. How does Kendall look so polished in cropped tees and frayed grey hoodies with silly sleeves, pulled together by a Givenchy bowling bag? Monica Rose.

Why are Gigi and Kylie wearing oversized t-shirts or jumpers with thigh high suede boots (and making it look good)? Monica Rose. How did Kimmy K manage her unlikely ascent to the heights of high fashion? You guessed it. Monica Rose. 

(And don't pretend you haven't noticed how hot Kourtney Kardashian has been looking lately...?!)

An instagram-friendly minimalist palette of nudes and greys (punctuated by an occasional pop of colour) is Monica Rose's signature style and it's spawned a wave of copy-cat styling in the chain stores. You'll recognise it in Zara, H&M, River Island, Forever 21 and lots of the others.

Monica Rose herself favours a lower key look. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar she claimed to be "such a tomboy," adding "Maybe that's why I style my clients so sexy—because I live vicariously through them." 

So now that the look has been diluted and downgraded to street style for us mere mortals (she claims to be flattered but non-plussed about the imitation of her style) what's next? Rose's already planning her next sartorial step on her clients' behalf and she says we should expect the unexpected. She wants to change it up precisely because we've all come to recognise her stamp on a celebrity's street or red carpet style. The real test of her influencer status will be whether the instagroupies follow this next direction.

Of course her best known "girls" (as she calls them) are the likes of the Kardashian/Jenners, Hadid sisters, Chrissy Teigan and Kaia Gerber (aka Cindy Crawford junior) and their lives are basically one long, leggy advert for whatever they wear. Every pap, snap or insta promotes her aesthetic and her brand. She should probably be paying them and not the other way around...!

Either way, it's inevitable that we'll all incorporate elements of her styling each season given that she favours pretty wearable, luxe casual basics in neutral shades, even if you aren't five eleven and a social media star. She also mixes designer with mid range and low cost basics, so it's an achievable look to recreate on most budgets. 

I believed that I was immune to celebrity stylists and their whims (given that I have a classic style that I consciously update each year with a couple of pieces so that it never really changes, it just gets better in quality) but I headed into town with Pearl last week in charcoal skinnies, a long grey marl tee, my new Gerard Darel black moto jacket, tan Vince Camuto heeled boots and a long silk scarf. Just call me Gigi.*  Exhibit B: I rooted out my ancient Karl Donoghue shearling recently for no particular reason. I then look at Monica Rose's instagram and see shearling and fur jackets; it can't be merely coincidence...I'm seriously not that stylish on my own. I was subliminally Monica Rose-d. But it shows that you can riff on the Rose theme without shredded denim (which I can't bear!) or kinky boots from the set of Pretty Woman. 

Will she parlay the momentum into a Rachel Zoe style lifestyle brand? I don't think so. Not yet anyway. Her look is so entwined with Kim et al who already have that niche covered (maybe even saturated) that she'd essentially be competing against her clients, who also happen to be the greatest champions of -  and adverts for - her look.  

Have you been Monica Rose-d or have you resisted?! 

*(No seriously, please do - I love that name! And my given name starts with G so it's perfect!)