A Fashion Fairy Tulle

There's been an explosion of fairytale tulle skirts in the last 18 months. What started as an engagement shoot staple in the States has become the go to fashion blogger look. Some important points to note though: no matter what Pinterest tells you, you will not see anyone in Paris wearing them! Save a handful of American tourists, tutus are not everyday wear in the French capital. Cute and princessy...yes. Parisian style? Non. 


But that's not to disparage them. I own two of these babies. How? In my bridal haze of 2014 I ordered a blush cream and a black version from Alexandra Grecco in New York and I honestly have no idea where to wear either! Suggestions on a postcard? Perhaps I'll take inspiration from fab Irish blogger Haute so Fabulous and wear one to the races (though hers was a Helen Cody design and a little more whimsical than most designs). One thing is for certain, when I style it right and wear it out and about, I'll be posting some serious #ootd! 

The blush version has had a few days out courtesy of my sister, who styled it with a beaded Coast crop top and sparkly Jimmy Choo slingbacks for a Christmas wedding and for her role as baby Pearl's godmother on Pearl's christening.


But the black one hasn't seen the light of day yet. If someone could be so kind as to throw a Winter black tie event and invite me please...? 

Can't wait to wear it but not sure I could rock it so casually...

Can't wait to wear it but not sure I could rock it so casually...