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Spotted, Blair Waldorf at New York Fashion Week*. Well in spirit anyway.

Blair Waldorf remains a style icon for many of us. If you were a fan of the Gossip Girl anti-heroine's sartorial choices, then you will love some of the trends emerging from NY Fashion Week.

I loved Gossip Girl. I devoured a season every two days while doing my professional exams back in 2008. I would be awake at 3am searching the legally questionable streaming sites looking for another fix. But if we're honest, it was Blair's wardrobe that had me hooked and not the rich kid angst. 

I have a preppy streak even when it's not on fashion's radar. I wear capes, silk scarves and pearls and I'm still in the very (very very) early part of my fourth decade. I'd wear stripes and plaid if I wasn't 4ft 11 and if I didn't know that I would look like an ottoman in them.

So the return of everyone's favourite Upper East Sider is fine by me. Lela Rose showed a wearable collection of her classic feminine flounce, which included mink Peter Pan collars and frilly headbands. It's wearable but not necessarily affordable so I'll be doing a post soon on pulling this look off on a normal budget. 

Altuzarra riffed on the theme too. Hairbands and pearls lent a traditionally feminine feel to an otherwise tough looking collection. 

But if you liked those preppy references, you will love Tory Burch's collection for A/W 2017. I'm not usually a fan of Tory Burch. I put her in the same basket as that other aspirational and ubiquitous label, Michael Kors. This collection is gorgeous though. You had me at monogram Tory. 

The collection was ostensibly inspired by the aristocratic character Katharine Hepburn played in The Philadelphia Story. But whether she admits it or not, the bows, the plaid, the MONOGRAMS (swoon) are all Queen Bee and will appeal to legions of loyal Upper East Siders. 

I updated my coat collection for next Winter this week. I needed a black coat and I wanted a new cape so this Kate Spade cape was perfect. Granted, it wasn't straight off the runway at NYFW (it was from the less distinctly less glamorous Kildare Village) but I like to think I'm in the fashion week frame of mind by buying my clothes a season or two in advance!

It was also greatly reduced to just under €200 so it was a good buy. I'll be posting about some serious Kildare Village finds shortly too so keep your eyes peeled. 

Kate Spade black cape with bow fastening.

Kate Spade black cape with bow fastening.

*I can still only hear this in Kristen Bell's voice.