Booze bargain of the century

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

There is a wine hiding in your local O'Brien's that all red wine drinkers should know about. I've known about it since last October* (I know, I know...I took my time sharing this because it's so good and so well priced that it sells out fast) and if I gave you a bottle of wine recently it was probably this (and you probably loved it). 

You'll find it in the Regional France section. It's not a Bordeaux (gasp!) but taste wise, it gives mid-range Chateau Neuf du Pape and other well known names a serious run for their money and it makes a better gift in my opinion. Chateau Belles Eaux is from the Languedoc and wines from that region didn't always have a great reputation so even now, they're often underrated and their relatively low prices reflect that. Interestingly, I heard this from a wine expert in Bordeaux. I also overheard a French couple in a wine shop in town discussing which wine to bring as a dinner party gift. They dismissed the shelves of Bordeaux as overpriced and went straight for the shelf of regional wines, looking specifically for a Languedoc. 

Chateau Belles Eaux is mostly Syrah (my favourite) so it's big and fruity while managing to be mild on the tannin side. I feel silly anthropomorphising wines (the best wine description I ever saw was "an ambitious wine with a sense of purpose" - what does that even mean?!) but it's an approachable wine so it's ideal for heretics who claim not to like red. 

It's usually around €22.95 and frankly it's well worth that but it's on special offer for €12.95 at the moment so if you see a short woman in the D6 area buckling under the weight of 4 cases, it's probably me. 

BONUS A little Easter Bunny just told me that later this week O'Brien's will give 15% back on wines so if you can contain yourself until then it's even cheaper!  

*I bought it for P's christening in October last year. My favourite response to this wine was from a committed red wine drinker who was handed a glass at the christening party. Presumably expecting it to be plonk, she took a sip and gasped "that's fucking gorgeous"!! 

Not an ad btw. I'd tell you if it was. Just a wine deserving more recognition than it gets in my opinion.