Monart..again & twice in a month!

I'm blaming it on the baby but I visited Monart TWICE in the last month! I'm now living on cupboard remnants until payday as a penance for my profligacy. Richard I and spent a couple of nights there together on a mini babymoon and a few weeks later my sister and I brought my Mum for a night away for her birthday.

Strangely, I had the same therapist both times, first for the Becoming Mum package and then a customised facial. Becoming Mum was fabulous. It's a back, head and leg massage with a mini facial and it was amazing. Don't knock a cooling leg massage until you've had one. On my next visit I booked a prescriptive facial using Pevonia products. However, when Brid (my lovely therapist) looked at my skin she felt that the Pevonia products would be too strong for me as my skin has become quite sensitive as the pregnancy progresses. So instead, she suggested a cooling and repairing facial which is made of layers of thin gauze painted with product and built up in layers. I really noticed a difference after that and I'm normally a little cynical about the miracles promised by facials*.

*Unless it's the Doctors Mulroony laser and glycolic facial of course, which actually does deliver miracles and isn't a facial at all; it's a minor cosmetic procedure but more about that later. 

I've no pictures of the thermal suite because phones aren't permitted for obvious reasons. I'm not always the biggest fan of the various heated rooms and being pregnant limited me to the salt room and the caladarium, both of which are warm but not too hot. So on both recent visits I spent most of my thermal spa time in the vitality pool swimming and splashing around to try to stop my ankles pooling with retained water and blood. (A real pregnancy treat those blood swollen ankles.) On the plus side, baby must have liked the swimming because after each dip she went mad and danced around my insides. 

My mum, sister and I tried Monart's afternoon tea offering. It's very reasonable so we treated ourselves to a bottle of Prosecco and I even had a sneaky half a glass. As ever, Monart was worth every penny and I have mostly floated through this month, insofar as a big pregnant belly can float!