Winter wedding

We were lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful wedding at the Village at Lyons, a well known wedding venue in Kildare. Two of our friends got married on 29 December 2014 on a gloriously bright freezing cold day. Perfect Winter wedding weather. Mr E and I stopped in St Stephen's Green for a quick photograph on the walk from the church to the car before we drove to Kildare. 

(Yes it's mink but in my defence it's vintage and I received it as a gift long before we adopted our shih tzu Ming, and before I understood a love for animals.)

The Village at Lyons was beautifully Christmassy. 

We decided to stay in the area to avoid driving home on icy roads from Kildare. I was a little disappointed when the accommodation at the wedding venue was already booked out (I left it too late to book!) but everything worked out when we booked into one of the recommended local bed and breakfasts, the Springfield B&B . What a find! 

When we arrived, our host Mrs Sheehy had homemade Christmas biscuits and miniature gluten free chocolate cakes waiting. On a cold day (and an empty tummy before the wedding reception) these sweet treats and a cup of Earl Grey tea really hit the spot. We left our car at the house as Mrs Sheehy had arranged for her son to deliver us to the Village at Lyons in style in his super spacious 5 Series. The house was a 10 minute drive from the wedding venue and other guests staying at the same time as us were attending a wedding in the nearby K Club. The Springfield B&B is ideally located for both venues and is close to another popular wedding venue, Barberstown Castle. 

Our bedroom was suitably grand and had a big open fireplace and beautiful views over the fields behind including very old listed trees.  The sign of a really comfortable bed is when your head touches the pillow and you fall into a sleep coma. That definitely happened here (nothing to do with the vodka martinis I drank at the wedding...)

Breakfast deserves its own paragraph. I'm only sorry I was too hungry (and perhaps too tired and delicate) to take any pictures. We were seated in the formal dining room and served hot homemade gluten and dairy free pancakes, cinnamon rolls made with figs and then of course, a perfect Irish breakfast with more Earl Grey tea and freshly squeezed orange juice (pink grapefruit juice was also an option). I spotted a Nespresso machine hiding in the corner with a huge bowl of coffee pods available for guests but I don't think my post wedding stomach could have handled coffee at that stage (though I did admirably with the pancakes, cinnamon rolls, sausages and poached eggs!). 

I really couldn't recommend this bed and breakfast enough. The icing on the cake was meeting the 6 or so Pugs who were living in the kitchen at the time (we couldn't hear them as the house is huge but when we heard that there were Pugs in the house we HAD to meet them) and the two friendly Great Danes who guard the front door. 

When we were leaving, the Sheehys were preparing to welcome a wedding party who were getting married at the Village at Lyons the day after our friends. They had chosen to sleep in Springfield the night before the wedding and set off from there to the church, which, based on our lovely experience there, I can only imagine was a great morning for them all.