Breastfeeding on the FROW

Love this piece from one of the original fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble (Susie Lau) about managing her career while breastfeeding a baby. 

Her baby is the cutest thing ever! 

Her baby is the cutest thing ever! 

Admittedly, she's in the unique position of working for herself in a creative industry where she is the brand and the product so she makes the rules (and can bring her newborn to work if she wants to). Even if work means front row in Milan or Paris. Most of us don't have that luxury. 

Still, a lovely account of normalising breastfeeding and a glimpse into how the other half live! 

I'd love to know how she finds breastfeeding appropriate clothes...I ended up just wearing a stretchy vest under everything so I could always lift up whatever top I was wearing and pull down the vest discreetly. Mostly because the designated nursing clothes in the maternity shops were hideous! 

(via the Guardian).