Glowy Skin...naturally

The glossy posse never go out of style.

You might flirt with high coverage or matte foundations but the current love for layering powered highlighters over them proves the point.

Google 'highlighter' and you'll find countless tutorial videos and blogs showing you how to strobe and contour to your heart's content but what if you want to achieve the look with minimal make-up?

I'm trying to wear less coverage on my skin; I'm focusing on camouflaging where required and having a natural-looking glow. Obviously there are hundreds of products claiming to achieve the perfect glow. I'm trying out natural skincare at the moment (more on which in other posts) and these two products are both natural glow-getters.

Weleda Skin Food €9 for 30 mls

Bryt Boost Serum is about €28.50 for 30 mls

Weleda Skin Food is controversial.

Weleda is a long-standing natural brand but although this product has sunflower seed oil and extracts of chamomile and calendula, it also contains alcohol which of course dries out the skin. 

I'd caveat this by saying that I don't use Weleda as a moisturiser* so the alcohol content doesn't concern me. Instead I'm getting a subtle sheen when I use it as a highlighter around my cheeks and eyes either on a bare face or over makeup. You could also mix it with a pigmented highlighter (Catrice's powder highlighter is considered to be as good as more expensive versions) to amplify the effect. features this review of from Red Magazine's Beauty Director, Sophie Forte:

“When I kept seeing this on makeup artists’ tables backstage at the shows and on shoots, I was intrigued to try it. Now I see why. Sure, it’s generally too much to use all over the face (unless I’m on a plane, in which case it’s a brilliantly occlusive barrier to dehydration), but its richly nourishing texture lends itself wonderfully to adding sheen to cheekbones and lips instead of using a pearl highlighter product and is an instant panacea to skin that’s remotely red or rough.”

So what is Bryt? I hadn't heard of it until I saw a display of the products in Roches Pharmacy when I was in buying my Shiseido face masks. It's a British made "high-tech natural botanical" skincare brand (according to its website). Its natural credentials mean it never use parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicones, palm-oil or GM ingredients and it's vegan and cruelty free. It claim to harness the power of naturally derived botanical anti-oxidants but if we're honest...I'm only here for the glow. 

I've been slathering on the Boost Serum (one of a range of serums) at night and when I'm pottering around at home.  It's packed with hyaluronic acid, essential oils and aloe-vera. Given that I get my targeted skincare from retinoids, I don't need my serum or moisturiser to work miracles. This delivers a silky moisture boost and soaks in quickly. My hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary has run out and this is proving to be an all-natural, luxurious replacement.

I'm definitely seeing better and 'glowier' skin lately but I'm sure it's a team effort from my Shiseido masks, the Bryt Boost Serum and a touch of glycolic cleanser. 

The Bryt Boost Serum was runnier than I expected. To save wasting any, cup your palm when you pump it. It'll run off the back of your hand otherwise. I wouldn't use this under make-up. It's best before bed (or applied throughout the day while you're chasing an 11 month old and you're trying to take advantage of the last month or so of being at home). 

So for my purposes, these products are not interchangeable. The Bryt is a use-at-home-pamper-myself-build the glow from within sort of product and the Weleda is a dab on highlighter for creating a glow before going out.  Both well worth a try, especially if you're becoming more conscious about what exactly you're putting on your skin...

*You might have seen on my Snapchat (you didn't?!....I'm graceiebaby over there so come say hi!) that I came across this when I was reading about unlikely cult beauty products and a makeup artist said it's often used as a sheen for cheeks and eyes.  

I bought the Weleda in Nourish although it's widely available in pharmacies and health shops and I received the Bryt to try from Roches Pharmacy in Rathmines (the one I'm always raving about!)