So I've been using some products from an Irish brand called Human+Kind. They're hugely popular in the Middle East & US but despite being mostly made in Mayo (yay for supporting Irish!) they're just getting launched here. They're available in Avoca and other lifestyle shops but I've a handy discount code below until the end of May. If you miss it, check their website anyway as they're running great introductory offers on their most popular products. 

I heard the brand's MD speak at an event recently* and I was impressed with the their commitment to being an Irish brand and their vegan approach. All products are vegan except a lip balm containing beeswax. No parabens either...I'm starting to wake up to their potential dangers so this is important to me especially for products I use on the baby. The brand has a highly rated multi-purpose family cream so I'm going to give that a go for post bath massages for P. 

The cleanser is fab (gentle but thorough - it leaves a fresh minty sort of tingle which I love) and the oil is very luxe after a shower or as a hair treatment. It was lovely on my face too but it took a while to soak in there. The oil says to avoid contact with your eyes but it's actually a lovely eye makeup remover (like most oils) and didn't sting me. 

If you want to try them, have 50% off on me! Usecode 'BLOGGER' and pop '' in the order information box.

I'm buying the body scrub now and maybe even treating myself to the body soufflé. Plus I'm loving my soft hands, feet and elbows which came with a donation to Trocaire! 

Part of the purchase price of this hand, foot and elbow cream go to Trocaire.

Part of the purchase price of this hand, foot and elbow cream go to Trocaire.

*If you were there you may remember me. I was the one with the baby who latched on to my glass while I wasn't looking and drank my bubbly!