A very happy ending

The holy grail of massages is in Ranelagh. It's in a small Thai massage centre above Hobarts' Coffee on the main street. I have no pictures to post; this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you don't go there for the interiors. They're pretty basic.  Secondly there is barely space to snap a selfie let alone a series of photos. It's teeny tiny. 

But if you want an amazing 90 minutes of deep pressure hot oil muscular relief for €75 then this is the place.

If you have had a Thai massage before then you'll know what to expect. I last had one on honeymoon at the Pangkor Laut resort in Malaysia. The husband and I were in a shared treatment room and we did not know that a Thai massage involved knees, elbows and heels in every crevice of your back. At one point he looked over at me and telepathically asked if those were her knees in his shoulder blades. I nodded. They were. 

So in Ranelagh, I wasn't surprised to see a metal pole hung horizontally across the ceiling. My masseuse would use this for balance while she literally walked all over me. At times I wasn't sure if it was her heel, elbow or thumb circling my achy muscles but I didn't care. The relief was immediate. I melted on the table. The 90 minutes included a full body massage (back and front) a head and shoulder massage and specific foot and hand massage techniques. (It involves toe wiggling and individual toe pulling. Not for the ticklish of toes). She also stretched out my arms behind my head in a way I can't seem to replicate at home but which produced a pop in each arm which was in equal parts satisfying and worrying.

The facial massage was brief but worked wonders. I immediately looked less paunchy and my cheekbones were visible, prominent even! Lastly she massaged the remnants of the oil into my scalp and hair. I floated downstairs and into Butler's Coffee where I caught sight of myself in their mirrored wall panels. My hair was piled high and matted from the oil and I was wearing a huge mens grey hoodie and leggings. But I GLOWED!